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Meet The Chef

From a young age, I knew food was going to be an important part of my life.  Both of my parents worked long hours, but every day my mother came home and cooked dinner for our family.  As I got older, went away to college and began learning how to prepare food for myself, I realized that creating tasty, nutritious and exciting dinners every night wasn’t such an easy feat!  Looking back, I’d bet mom would have loved a service like Tastes Like More to help her out along the way.

My career in communication left me unfulfilled and stressed out and I found myself cooking and baking for friends and family to relieve that stress.  With the urging and support of those people behind me, I embarked on a new culinary adventure and Tastes Like More was born.

Dara Yaffe, chef and creator of Tastes Like More personal chef service, is a graduate of Manhattan’s Institute of Culinary Education.

Dara fine-tuned her cooking chops at some of New York City’s most delicious restaurants including Camaje Bistro and Hearth Restaurant.  While working in the restaurant industry, Dara came to understand that people love great food but don’t always want to eat out or have to cook for themselves – they wanted something in between!  This led her to realize her passion for preparing fresh food for people in their homes.

With Tastes Like More, Dara uses her endless culinary creativity to prepare seasonal cuisine using the freshest, highest quality ingredients available.

Dara holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and is a recipient of the 2009 Share Our Strength and Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cutting Edge scholarship.

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